Sylvain UTARD

#geek #passionate #entrepreneur #french #epita #c++ #java #ruby #rails #js #textmining #searchengine #lucene #bigdata #nosql

I'm currently VP of engineering at Algolia.

I switched to Jekyll

As lots of nerds, I recently switched to jekyll for my personal blog.

What’s funny is that I never “really” blogged before. My previous personal website was a simple PHP script I wrote 5+ years ago where I was dumping screenshots and one-liners about my off-hours web developments.

OK Jekyll, let’s say I wannabe a blogger because:

  • I want to share more, not only one-liners & screenshots
  • What I do today may interest lot more people than before
  • I ♥ git and github
  • Jekyll simply does the job

See ya !

New responsabilities

Not enougth time this year for my off-hours project. Lots of new responsabilities and challenges for the release of version 2013 and 2013x of CloudView. 2 major releases + 6 minor releases !!

Still surveys...

Let’s give a try to Ruby on Rails + Redis + Solr to build surveys with the french politicians based on french blogs and the web more generally. (next-year election campaign inside)


Give Rails+Solr a try. Deals search engine + advanced refines + smart alerts. Buying deals will never be as before !