Sylvain UTARD

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I'm currently VP of engineering at Algolia.

Testing your pure-JS project with Travis CI and its encrypted keys

I recently spend a few hours trying to test my JavaScript library with Travis CI and thought it was useful to share my experience with you. Travis CI is a hosted continuous platform, it’s free for open-source projects and integrates well with GitHub.

Since Travis CI supports JavaScript with Node.JS, I first thought it will be easy. The problem was that I needed Travis CI’s secure environment variables to be configured in order to setup the credentials used by the API client I was using.

Jasmine doesn’t provide any way to access environment variables. To setup them, I used the templating feature of grunt-contrib-jasmine, that allows you to build the SpecRunner.html used by Jasmine. By default, the template is parsed as underscore templates. You can pass options to your template using the templateOptions option of your Gruntfile.js jasmine tasks: they will be available via the option object.

How I improved Tom Preston-Werner's jekyll-based blog with 50 lines of code

I recently switched to Jekyll and was wondering how I could easily jump to old posts without displaying the famous “Last posts” menu.

Search for icons from Font Awesome, Glyphicons, IcoMoon, and Ionicons

A few days ago, I’ve discovered reading HN: totally awesome! I can’t count the number of times I opened my browser on or to find an icon. That’s just what all developers need :)

I took the liberty of forking the project to plug Algolia’s Search API and provide a better search experience:

New features includes:

  • highlighting
  • typo-tolerance
  • matching fields priority (matching on the name is better than matching on the tags)

I hope you’ll like it !

EDIT: merged!

My new job at Algolia

On September 15th, after 5 years at Exalead managing a team of 20+ developers in charge of core technologies; I joined Algolia. Algolia has been founded 1 year ago by Nicolas Dessaigne and Julien Lemoine, two past colleagues from Exalead. Algolia provides a fully hosted full-text, numerical and faceted search service through a REST API.

As all newly-founded startups, lots of things - technical or not - to do; lots of challenges to face; lots of ideas to prioritize; lots of code to write and redo.

I’m really proud to be the first employee of Algolia and hope my 5-years experience on search technologies will contribute to Algolia’s success story.

Long live Algolia!

PS: I’ll try to use this new start to keep a sustained blogging tempo.